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Antares specializes in chartering of tankers of the following products:

  • Clean Petroleum Products (CPP):

Jet Fuel

Gasoil, Gasoline


Lube Oils

  • Dirty Petroleum Products (DPP):

Fuel Oil



  • Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG)


  • Petrochemicals & Vegolis


Antares' spot department provides expertise in point-to-point movement of clean and dirty petroleum products.

Services provided include single voyage, consecutive voyage and contract of affreightments.

We are extremely active in the AG & West Africa spot markets. Averaging over 150 spot cargo movements annually.

Our team of professionals maintains first class coverage of the markets - 24x7.



As part of our chartering service package, we carry out regular analysis, to ensure that we keep abreast of all trends and changes in the market.


Utilising this information along with our extensive international network of personal contacts and connections, we are able to guide our clientele on the precise time to acquire tonnage on Time Charter & provide them with quality tonnage at competitive rates.


We provide our clients with expertise in the Sale and Purchase, Demolition, Project Development, Consulting/Research, and mergers and acquisitions. Our innovative solutions have earned us a reputation and recognition as a formidable force in SNP markets. We have accomplished this through building our business one successful transaction at a time. We pride ourselves on our ability to be creative and think outside the normal boundaries of a project.

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